Mobile & Web Advertising Technology


How to increase marketing efforts’ efficiency with guaranteed steady results and without sacrificing tremendous time and money resources?


Unlike less effective models, prescriptive algorithm upon which ALLIANCE4MEDIA’s work is build offers powerful means of realtime evaluation of outcomes after each individual decision’s implementation. To give one example, this means that in case of prescription of certain procedure ALLIANCE4MEDIA’s panel will send the info on the targeting group with the greatest likelihood of preset income objectives. Such a perspective allows the savings measured in thousands of dollars. Furthermore, ALLIANCE4MEDIA’s platform is capable of constant updating based on the input data, which is the foremost solution of robotic on-the-run algorithm optimization and additional enhancement of technologies and methodologies.


ALLIANCE4MEDIA’s engine uses integrated fraud detection mechanisms that drastically enhance lead conversion, reduce expenses and optimize revenues. A reasonable set of parameters are rated on a one hundred scale based on impressions processing. The default analysis of ALLIANCE4MEDIA’s program covers the 3 primary data types:

Third-party traffic spotting
Page view attributes
User behavior in different project sectors

Irrespective of the campaign category, all of them are subject two easy yet important verification processes that fence ALLIANCE4MEDIA’s audience from malicious program threats:

Campaign passes scanning verification procedure..
ALLIANCE4MEDIA professionals on top of this check it with advanced technologies to ensure it’s malware-free before being uploaded into the publisher platform.

ALLIANCE4MEDIA automated apparatus executes monitoring of all traffic sources in uninterrupted mode after the campaign launch. If our monitoring systems record any threat, the flow is instantly stopped.

Contextual Linguistic
Location Device-based
Platform-based Operating System
Channel Internet Service Provider
IP Range Ad Scheduling

ALLIANCE4MEDIA deals with the most complete directory of analytical and tracking instruments. We provide each advertiser who orders our services with the selection of the following bases of conversion projections, tracking and performance analysis:

Devices — PC, tablets, mobile
OS — Android, iOS, Windows
Sources — web, app, mobile, etc

ALLIANCE4MEDIA conversion estimation can utilize some of the following:

Common identifier (SUBID, MSID, MAC, etc)
HTML5 mobile cookies
Affiliate URL